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Do you have anything to tell that our readers can benefit from? You have the opportunity to publish a guest post on this blog free of any charge. You gain the exposure to highly targeted group of professionals (pricing analysts of all seniority levels). Our website constantly appears on 1. – 4. spot at Google, Yahoo, Bing for keywords “pricing analyst”, “pricing analyst London”, “pricing analyst UK” and also ranks for related searches like “pricing jobs”, “pricing strategies”, “pricing excel functions” etc. The traffic is doubling each month as we actively promote it so I highly recommend you to cooperate with us by posting the topic related articles.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to send your post for review, please drop me email to

General criteria for the guest post acceptance:

We’re looking for guest posts that present new ideas, fresh perspectives, innovative approaches, event invitations and latest updates from the pricing area. Before you send us your submission, please make sure it:

  • conveys quality, practical advice presented with readers in mind
  • is able to be used exclusively at
  • includes all the information — links, link text, reusable images, etc. — you want to be included in the published version of your post
  • infringes no copyright laws, either in terms of text or images
  • includes a headline, body text, resource box, and an image

Our aim is that posts published on  don’t appear in the same form elsewhere. Google ignores duplicated content and likely wouldn’t index the post in search engines if exactly the same article has been already circulating online. This wouldn’t benefit to any party.

Posts must be relevant to the overall topic of the blog — pricing. Of course there’s a lot of room within this topic. Anything that helps pricing analysts will be helpful to our readers. The most desired posts are practical tips and “how-to” articles.


Feel free to submit your content in Word or plain text format. It’d be great if you could also follow these points in preparing your post for us.

  • Please don’t use bold font in the body text
  • Subheadings: wrap any subheadings in your post in <h2> tags, or simply bold them so they stand out
  • Links: if you want to add a link and mark up anchor text using HTML, do so. Otherwise, include the URL in brackets within the text, immediately after the text you’d like to use as the anchor text

Please do include everything you want to have included with your post in your submission. If you want to include links, paste them in the spot where you want them to go. If you want to use particular anchor text, tell us. If you want to include a specific image, send it in.

If it’s relevant to the topic you’re writing about, you’re welcome to link back to your blog / website within the post. Keep in mind that the relevancy is very important. One link within the body text and two links within the resources box are allowed as the maximum. The anchor text can be of your choice but linking to the topic (pricing) relevant sites. If your post includes too many links, we may remove them or reject the post. High-quality, helpful post will get people checking out who you are more effectively than will lots of links back to your website.

We love to include images in posts on Images add personality, break up content and grab attention. A few suggestions for images:

  • Images can be of size up to 500 MB and the maximum width is 540 pixels
  • It’s up to you to ensure that the images you submit are able to be reused in terms of copyright
  • Images can be illustrative (screenshots), descriptive (something that’s more attention-grabbing on the theme of the post), or anything else that you’d like to include

Feel free to either submit images as separate files in your email, or send us a link to the location on your own server where we can download the image and put on our web host. Please don’t submit images by pasting them into Word document.

Post length
Your post should be as long as you need it to be in order to convey your message and keep attention of the readers. It is usually somewhere between 350 – 750 words.

We reserve the right to edit your posts that shall appear on We rarely edit them heavily but we may change titles, re-work openings or conclusions, etc. We will send you the post with suggested additions, omissions or changes back for final acceptance before publishing. Please don’t be offended by this — we’re just trying to make every post as successful as possible and best suited to audience.

Resources box
You’ve worked hard to give us great content so we are happy to promote you. We want to highlight you, your blog/website, or any product or service that you have to offer. This is largely done in your resources box. It should be a several sentences explaining who you are and what you do. Feel free to include up to two links in it. Your resources box will appear at the bottom of your post but we’ll also extract a short introductory sentence that will appear at the top of the post.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to send your post for review, please send email to

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Looking forward the cooperation with you.

Michaela Formanova & team

P.S.: We reserve the right to decline the use of your post without any explanation although we’ll do our best to fix any issues together. Some of the rejection reasons can be: unsuitable post quality or length, relevance of your topic, too hard selling, having more posts than we can use, having published a number of posts on the same topic recently, etc.

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